Node.js Upload Image to Postgresql Example

Tutorial “Node.js Upload Image to Postgresql Example – Node.js RestApi File Upload (Download) Multiple Files/Images to PostgreSQL database – Multer + Sequelize + Ajax”

In the tutorial, I will introduce how to create a “Node.js Upload Image to Postgresql Example” (and Node.js Rest Api File Download) Application with Ajax client to upload/download single or multiple files/images to PostgreSQL database with Sequelize engine an Multer middleware.

– We use Express framework to create a Nodejs RestAPIs.
– We use Multer middleware for uploading images/files to Nodejs server.
– We use Sequelize ORM to store file data to database MySQL/PostgreSQL.

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Here is a to-do-list:

– I draw a full diagram architecture of Nodejs RestAPI Upload Files
– I configure Sequelize ORM and Multer for Uploading files
– I build Nodejs Express RestApi to upload/download files
– I implement fontend with Jquery Ajax RestAPI client.

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